Swink's Creations Testimonials

When we say that our designs, our creativity, building and installation services are in the top of their class, we mean it. Swink’s Creations is an award-winning Landscaping Company that has been in business for over thirty years. We have helped numerous families create their dream home.

Don’t just take our word for it.

George Taggart

“Having Swink’s Creations handle my project was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! They dress professionally, they clean up after themselves, they work hard, they’re nice, and overall, they’re just great guys to be around. The best part of it is that they leave everything very clean and organized when they go home for the day. The system that they have created for themselves is really top of its class.

I would definitely refer them to my friends.”

Jerry and Susan Ashcraft

“Mark Swink came to our house and asked us to make a list of everything we wanted to keep in the garden, and in the yard. We told him that we really like flowers, so he made a flower theme for us. I also wanted something that felt like an English Cottage Garden, and boy he sure did deliver!

To point out the quality of work he’s done not only on this yard, but also on our last home’s yard, he entered each of our homes in a statewide competition. Lo and behold, each of our homes came in first place in landscaping design. We feel very proud about that.”

Rick and Gayleen Monsour

“We originally weren’t sold on Swink’s Creations because we thought that we could maybe save money by going with another company. The problem that we ran into was that no one did everything like Mark Swink. One guy could do concrete, another guy did building, but no one did everything. So after looking around a little bit, and after hearing more and more positive things about Mark, we decided to go with him.

One of the things we like about Mark, and Swink’s Creations, is that they do it all. We liked the idea of one guy being the person who was in control of everything, and who was the person that the buck would stop with. If we had the project pieced together, there would be no one person to take responsibility if something went wrong.

Mark’s reputation was really the reason why we chose him.”


We at Swink’s Creations want to bring your dream project to life!

For more information contact us at (805) 522-0412 or by email at info@swinkscreations.com.