Mark Swink

Founder & Co-Owner

Mark Swink, Founder & Co-Owner

Mark is the founder and co-owner of Swink’s Creations. His creativity and vision are what have distinguished Swink’s Creations as one of the top Landscape and Pool builders in Southern California.

Mark Upson


Mark Upson, Co-Owner

Mark is co-owner of Swink’s Creations. He has extensive construction knowledge and had a successful career in the corporate sector before becoming a co-owner of Swink’s Creations.


Project Manager

Mike, Project Manager

Mike is one of our Project Managers and has worked for Swink’s for over 14 years. He has over 35 years’ experience in masonry and concrete.

Blaise Athey

VP of Construction

Blaise Athey, VP of Construction

Blaise has over 35 years experience in the construction industry. He is the VP of Construction and manages our operating schedule, project managers, and crews.

Chris Baffo

Landscape Architect & Design & Estimating Department Manager

Chris Baffo, Landscape Architect & Design & Estimating Department Manager

Chris is our lead Landscape Architect. He attended Cal Poly Pamona for his architectural degree and has been in the field for 27 years.


Horticulturist and Project Consultant

Carl, Horticulturist and Project Consultant

Carl is our in-house horticulturalist and salesman. Carl was raised on a bee farm and has been accustomed to working outside his entire life.

Cesar Serrano

Project Coordinator

Cesar Serrano, Project Coordinator


Human Resources Manager & Bookkeeper

Angela, Human Resources Manager & Bookkeeper

Angela is our trusty Bookkeeper and Human Resources Director. She has a background in accounting and has been with Swink’s for 20 years.


Title Estimator

Angel, Title Estimator

Angel joined the Swink’s team 2 years ago. You’ll hear her friendly voice on the phone when you call to schedule appointments and she also provides customer service and schedule updates during your project.


Customer Service

Renee, Customer Service

Renee has been with Swink’s Creations for over 4 years. She wears many hats and deals with vendors, customer service, and manages our vehicle fleet.