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Having an outdoor pool and spa is really the epitome of Southern California living! With amazing weather all year long, your outdoor space is an extension of your home. You can entertain and celebrate with those you love most and host the best neighborhood barbecues in the Simi Valley. Imagine an infinity pool design where the line between sky meets water awakens your senses or enjoying a walk-in pool with seating to host an evening poolside book club with a bottle of your best summer red for sipping under the stars. The possibilities are limitless, and Swink’s Creations is by your side in each stage of the pool installation process — from dreaming and planning to installing the final touches on your outdoor pool and spa.

Swink’s Creations is Southern California’s Premier Pool and Spa Outfitters

If you’re planning a pool and spa addition to your home or new home build, you don’t want just any old pool and spa. When your outdoor space is an extension of your home, you have to make it every bit as alluring as the interior, which means vetting a company that can do just that. In Southern California, where almost every home has a pool and spa, creating a backyard oasis that is unique and one-of-a-kind is imperative. You want to stand out and Swink’s Creations can help you do that! At Swink’s Creations, we set ourselves apart in our industry, beginning with our business practices. In Southern California, there is no shortage of home remodelers, contractors, or pool designers in the Simi Valley that wants your business. Oftentimes, companies will pop up overnight offering their devout support in creating and promising you the outdoor space of your dreams, only to bail mid-project or thereafter, leaving you with a less-than-stellar backyard in need of additional work. We will never leave you high and dry as we provide full-time support from the beginning to well after the project is completed. We’ve also been in the industry for more than 30 years, so we have the knowledge and first-hand experience in pool and spas, and understand the waning and waxing of trends. Our skills are foolproof, and all of our work is guaranteed.


Our pool designs set trends and are industry-leading.

Sure, many companies can boast that they are the best, but we really are, and we have the technology to back up our claims. We don’t just make a quick sketch of what your pool and spa space will look like or tell you to trust our “vision;” we have an in-house design team that can replicate 2D and 3D visual guides to what your area will actually look like. You can work with our team on the design and change and add components as needed. A pool and spa is an investment of your hard-earned money, and at Swink’s Creations, we want you to know exactly what you’re getting. Choosing the right pool installation company is just as important as someone who is remodeling a bathroom — you want the best — but how do you know you have the best?

Five Signs You Have The Leading Pool Design Company In Southern California

Horror stories of pool and spa projects gone wrong are out there. You’ve heard of pool contractors leaving the scene one day to never return, and stories of low-quality work that results in uneven concrete pours or cracking and chipping only months later. Because our industry is booming, there are always those out there who only want to make a quick buck. Sadly, this leaves homeowners having to clean up after these pool imposters and shell out even more money to fix someone else’s mistake. But, there are pool contractors who are trustworthy and honest, and who produce authoritative work that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. At Swink’s Creation’s, we have more than three-decades of pool design and pool installation experience. We craft beautifully designed pools that everyone in your family can enjoy — from the athlete who wants to swim laps to the individual who wants to leisurely wade on a hot summer’s day. You’ll know you have the leading pool design company by a couple of distinct signs that set them apart.

Sign #1: They Are The Authority In Pool Design and Pool Installation

Because Southern California has no shortage of pool and spa projects, pool contractors seem to set up shop overnight, which is why it’s crucial to do a little research to find the authority on pools. How do you find the authority in pool and spa contractors? There are a couple of signs you’ll want to look for to know you have the best, and they include: A physical business location – It’s not uncommon for contractors to have their business on wheels, with no brick and mortar location. This doesn’t pose a problem at first, but if the company ends up doing shoddy work, they can up and leave, and there is no one to hold them accountable without a physical location. When researching pool companies, look for those who have a physical address. An Excellent Financial Standing – It’s important that a pool contractor be able to produce proof of financial stability upon request. This documentation will have:

  • License number
  • License name
  • License date
  • License expiration date
  • License type

This documentation lets you know that this business is indeed a business recognized by the state and is working within the state regulations, so there is no shoddy work being done! Insurance and licenses – Ask your pool contractor for a license and ensure that it’s been working under the same name for at least five years. There are new and legitimate companies that have to start somewhere, but pay close attention to those who haven’t been in operation for more than five — inferior companies will terminate one business and re-open as another if they receive bad reviews or have problems customers that report them. Having proper insurance in the contracting business is imperative and great for both parties involved — it protects the business and the customer. If anything does happen and the company doesn’t have insurance, it leaves the contractor vulnerable to the costs and it just becomes muddled from here. If the contractor can’t cover the costs, then it’s up to you to take legal action to find any financial reprieve from the situation. The takeaway here is to have the company provide proof of insurance that covers at a minimum of $500,000 to $1,000,000 in general liability insurance.   A pool contractor who carries proper insurance will be more than happy to provide you with current documentation.

Sign #2: Review A Pool Contractors Transparency.

One of the biggest red flags in a pool contractor is the inability to provide complete transparency. This can be a failure to produce licenses and insurance documentation, or simply not being forthright with the cost of the project. Customers can easily be taken advantage of in the excitement of a pool and spa, that pool contractors will try and make huge upsells and pressure you into scenarios that leave you little time to make the best, most educated decision. When a pool contractor is transparent, they’ll be able to clearly communicate the cost of the project and answer any questions you do have. The initial stages at Swink’s Creations begin with our designers dreaming and putting your vision into a tangible plan. They will work with you and offer suggestions, but you will never be upsold on anything you don’t want. We’re professional and transparent and respect your need to educate yourself and find options that work for you.      If a company employs high-pressure sales tactics, this is a sign they won’t be transparent with you! Sometimes companies are so good at their sales pitch, you may not even know what you’re getting yourself into until you’re fully consumed by their tactics. Here are some common tactics high-pressure salespeople will implore: If you have a heart, they’ll play to your emotions. If you give any indication that you’re a decent human, the companies will smell it out and go into a rant, leaving you unable to ask questions or get a word in. If you begin to feel confused or anxious, they’re pitch is working. Even if you feel rude, walk away or hang up the phone from that situation. They know you’re not a pool expert, and they’ll play to your unfamiliarity. Being educated or at least a little familiar with the pool and spa industry before your start on this adventure will bring you far. Some pool contractors thrive and charge you an exorbitant amount of money because they think you don’t know the difference. They may even give you an extremely low quote or offer you huge savings — do yourself a favor and walk away from this! The right and industry-leading pool contractor will always inform you on how long the project will take, what products and materials they’re using, if and what the warranty is, how much the project will take to complete, and when the payments(s) are rendered.

Sign #3: They Hold The Standard In Their Industry

When a pool company is respected it will be displayed for all to see, but you can always ask around and find one with a good reputation through word of mouth. So, what hints at a pool design authority? Industry approval – Look for companies that endorse the pool contractor you’re interested in. Seeing endorsements on their website and in their office is a great indication that they’re not only following industry guidelines but that they’re going beyond what is expected and providing exceptional services. Endorsements are a great place to start because it shows the prospective customer they’re reliable and are doing great work. What kind of endorsements are good? If there are location-specific endorsements (statewide or citywide) look for those. Here are some other ones to look for: Better Business Bureau (BBB) – The BBB is one of the most well-known small business accreditations that people look for. Their mission is to support a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. If a pool contractor is in good standing with the BBB, this is hugely advantageous. You may also want to consider how long they’ve been a member with the BBB and what there rating is. Angie’s List – Angie’s List is another common resource consumers can trust, as they look at customer reviews to find who are the top-performers in the industries and help to keep the contractors honest.

Sign #4: Find A Company With High-Quality Work

Finding a pool contractor that does high-quality work, is easier said than done. Like we explored earlier, some pool companies don’t even have a physical location and others don’t have websites. No homeowner wants to deal with any issues after the job has been completed, and it goes right back to the horror stories you hear of terrible work and missing contractors. Here are a couple of ways to identify high-quality work:

  • Find a company that has a gallery – When a pool contractor has pictures where you can peruse completed pool and spa projects this immediately gives you solid proof the kind of work they do. This gallery will be updated regularly and give a variety of examples on the type of pools and spas they’ve completed. If a pool contractor can’t provide you with any pictures of past projects, this is a red flag their quality is something to be questioned.   
  • A warranty will be offered – Great contractors don’t even mess around with not providing a warranty, so a tell-tale sign that you have a high-quality contractor is the warranty will be a given.

Sign #5: Customer reviews will be prominently featured.

You know you’re getting the cream of the crop when they have bountiful positive reviews from customers. Testimonials give priceless information to potential customers because you can spot both the good and bad right away! If you can’t find reviews on their website, you may want to ask them for references in place. Pay attention to well-documented reviews that go above and beyond the “this company is great and I recommend them.” Instead look for reviews that sing their praises and offered detailed accounts of the services they provided. A good review may look similar to this:

“We originally weren’t sold on Swink’s Creations because we thought that we could maybe save money by going with another company. The problem that we ran into was that no one did everything like Mark Swink. One guy could do concrete, another guy did building, but no one did everything. So after looking around a little bit, and after hearing more and more positive things about Mark, we decided to go with him.

One of the things we like about Mark, and Swink’s Creations, is that they do it all. We liked the idea of one guy being the person who was in control of everything, and who was the person that the buck would stop with. If we had the project pieced together, there would be no one person to take responsibility if something went wrong.

Mark’s reputation was really the reason why we chose him.”

  At Swink’s Creations, our reviews are up and ready for you to read! We even have videos of our customers by the pools and spas we created! One more time… We covered a lot of pertinent and essential information leading to signs that you have the best pool contractors in Southern California, so always keep these signs in mind: 1: They Are The Authority In Pool Design and Pool Installation 2: A Pool Contractors Will Offer Complete Transparency 3: They Hold The Standard In Their Industry 4: They Have High-Quality work. 5: Reviews Are Prominently Displayed Finding a pool design and pool installation company that is both transparent and delivers high-quality pools and spas, all while being a cost-effective is hard to find. After all, this is an investment and you want to know you’re getting your dream pool and spa sanctuary from a pool contractor that acts with integrity and honesty. At Swink’s Creations, you can check off all the signs of a high-quality pool contractor with us! We have a myriad of customer reviews and a project gallery for you to see exactly the kind of work we do, and we are always happy to provide you with proof of insurance and licenses we’ve obtained!

Extend your design style to the outdoors and call about our pools and spas today!