A great pool design leads to a great pool. If you’re looking to add a pool to your yard, you need to have a plan that’s practical, beautiful, and compliant — and that’s where Swink’s Creations can help. In this blog, your Simi Valley pool design specialists will give you tips for designing a pool you and your family will love.

Think About Function

What are you going to be using your new pool for? Is it your workout haven? A place for your kids to burn off some excess energy? An adults-only party zone with poolside ledges for drinks and a huge hot tub? Before you even begin on sketching out a pool for your yard, think about its purpose, and write down some pool features and design elements that would fulfill that purpose.

For example, a workout pool could be a little longer than your average pool, and a kid-friendly pool could be shallower in spots (for the little ones) and have plenty of storage for pool toys. As for the older folks, adult-centric party pools should probably have a poolside bar and fire pit — if you’re really trying to do it right.

Whatever function you desire, function itself should be your number one priority when creating a concept for your pool. Once you design the bones of your pool, the layout, look, and finishes will fall into place.

Think About Form

What kind of look do you want for your pool? Are you hoping for something Cali-traditional — kidney-shaped with clay-red edges and and a beige bottom? Or are you hoping for something more modern and square with a tiled blue floor and seamless edges? Will you not stop until your yard has its own infinity pool?

There are a limitless number of options for shapes and finishes in the pool world — find something that fits with the look of your house and the shape of your yard, and you’ll certainly have a pool you’ll love for years to come.

Think About Proportion

In Southern California, large backyards are hard to come by. Not everyone has room for a big entertainment deck, a lawn, an outdoor kitchen, and a spacious swimming pool. If you’re like most California homeowners, you’ll have to make some sacrifices to make space for your new pool — but how much space are you willing to give up to make your pool dreams a reality?

If you have a smaller yard, think about how you want to use it. You wouldn’t want to build a massive pool that takes up 90 percent of your yard if you love to grill and hang out on the lawn with your kids, or build a smaller pool when you have no use for a big deck or a lawn. The proportion of your pool will ultimately determine how you can use your yard — keep this in mind as your solidify your pool plans.

Think About Safety

Following pool safety compliance rules is your only option — and that means there are plenty of things you must incorporate into your pool design in regards to pool depth, accessibility, barriers, drain covers, and the like.

Regardless of the rules in California, your pool (and pool deck) should be a place that’s safe, comfortable, and accessible for your whole family, and it should be free of any potential hazards. Use rough deck surface materials to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall situations, clearly label any depth changes in your pool, and use fences or other barriers to prevent toddlers, kids, or animals from wandering onto the pool deck without supervision. In the end, safety is much more important than good looks or pool functionality — talk to your pool design specialists to learn more about pool compliance and other additional safety and accessibility features that can make your pool fun and safe for everyone.

Think About the Big Picture

Your pool is just one part of your yard — if you’re only thinking about the pool itself and not the landscaping, decks, and housing around it, your outdoor space will appear disjointed and dysfunctional.

When having a new pool installed, consider how it’s going to interact with the rest of your yard, and hire a landscaping company or home remodeling company to make sure your pool, your yard, and your home are working together in perfect harmony.

Ideally, you’d choose a company that can handle pool design and pool installation as well as any landscaping and home remodeling that needs to be done — which is where Swink’s Creations can help. The Swink’s team can take control of your project from start to finish, tackling pool design and installation, landscaping, hardscaping, deck building, and home remodeling. It’s time to make your home a dream home —schedule an appointment with us today.