If you’re in the initial stages of pool design, whether it’s a remodel or for a new build, you have to consider the whole picture. Not only will you have a beautiful pool and spa, but an outdoor oasis. Crafting this sanctuary means planning the smallest details right down to the landscaping.

At Swink’s Creations, we’ve been helping people build outdoor spaces for over three decades. Our in-house design team works tirelessly to provide you the pool and spa you’ve been dreaming of. We also do BBQs and fire pits, patios and balconies, and tie it all together with landscaping. To find out about the best poolside landscaping, follow along!

Poolside landscaping is part of the pool design.

If you’ve never ventured into pool design, it’s hard to know where or how to bring all aspects of the outdoors together. Do you want a hidden oasis where a big factor is privacy, or are you more into aesthetics and crave the “wow” factor? Before you begin planning your poolside landscaping, think first about what you need and want in that space.

Landscaping around your pool can be beautiful and provide privacy — where a pool and spa create rigid lines, the landscaping can help blend and melt the areas together. When you choose plants that can grow tall, they surface as a natural privacy screen and can also damper sound.

Choose low-maintenance plants in your pool design.

The aesthetics of your landscaping is likely your top priority, but finding a balance between looks and function is important. Unless you have a landscaping crew that will take care of the poolside landscaping, opt for low-maintenance plants and shrubs.  

Go with variety.

When creating a botanic retreat, a variety of plants and flowers adds depth as it does visual aesthetics. Mix and match between foliage and flowering plants, but remember to keep the flowering plants further from the pool.

Great Poolside Plants

The list below is to guide you in your poolside landscaping pursuit and get the wheels turning in what you want your space to look like.

  • Angelina Stonecrop – This is a tiny flowering succulent that would blend well into a mid-century modern style of landscaping.
  • Sky Pencil Holly – Create columns of privacy with these shrubs, as they can grow as tall as six feet high, but is still very narrow at only 14 inches in width. This is a great plant for privacy.
  • Blue Fescue Grass – This is a traditional, ornamental grass that is clumping in nature and drought-resistant. This grass would be a perfect feature to plant right up front and edge any concrete with. It does not block or impede with the growth of other plants, so it’s a great addition.
  • Hibiscus – If you’re looking for a pop of color and a hardy plant, the Hibiscus in a wonderful inclusion.  
  • Elephant Ears – These are lovely plants with large “elephant” shaped leaves and they are a medium-sized plant. They are great for adding a dark contrast and for mixing up the plant to flower ratio.

Always check with a landscape designer and make sure the plants you choose fit well in the climate you’re in.

Plants To Avoid

There are a couple of plants to avoid when it comes to poolside landscaping.

Avoid plants and flowers that attract bees – Lavender may look amazing next to your pool, but it draws in bees — which is a good thing — but just not right by the pool. The last thing you want is to be carelessly relaxing and get a bee sting.

Avoid plants and trees that are messy – A fruit tree may provide amazing fruit, and equally amazing shade, but they can be messy. To avoid attracting critters and cleaning your pool daily, don’t plant trees and plants that drop things.

Avoid plants with a meddlesome root system – There are trees to avoid planting by a pool such as a Cottonwood or Silver Maple, but even flowers like Iris’ can have invasive roots. Roots have a tendency to damage a pool’s structure throughout the years, so stick to landscaping sans trees.

Poolside plants are a welcomed addition to your outdoor sanctuary, and can bring privacy as much as aesthetics. Choose a variety of plants that are low-maintenance and avoid trees and plants that are messy. Some great plants to incorporate are Elephant Ears and Sky Pencil Holly, for depth and privacy.

To work with our in-house team and plan your poolside landscaping, connect with Swink’s Creations today!