The Simi Valley pool design team at Swink’s Creations is no stranger to excellent custom pool designs—we like to take pool design to its limits by adding water slides, poolside fireplaces, built-in spas, waterfalls, and a variety of other fixtures. If you’re going to have a pool, you might as well make it an amazing one!

However, some people think traditional, boring pools are the way to go—that a rectangular or kidney-shaped pool is more than enough to transform your yard. These people are wrong.

In this blog, Swink’s Creations will show you the benefits of custom pool design for your SoCal home. It might cost a little more up front, but you’ll reap the benefits of a custom pool in virtually all facets of life!

It helps you stay fit.

Most people think of pools as places to lounge around and enjoy the weather. However, a custom pool can fit your fitness needs as well! A custom pool design can strategically separate lounging space and workout space, and depending on the size of your yard, can give you enough room to practice your front crawl and get some cardio in. Try doing that in a fun-size, kidney-shaped pool.

When it comes to custom pools, the possibilities are endless—that’s why they’re custom! Find a pool plan that meets all of your fitness needs, and stay in excellent shape all year long without leaving your home!

It’s great for socializing.

If you’re into entertaining, you’re not alone. With perfect temps all year (and all night) long, it’s always a great time to have a poolside dinner with friends or a full-on pool party! While a standard pool party is always good fun, a custom pool party takes the fun to another level—your friends can enjoy the views from the infinity pool, hang out in the hot tub, warm up at your poolside fire pit, or go down your waterslide (yes, we do waterslides).

With a pool built to your style and specifications, you’ll have the most memorable social engagements and a backyard that will be the envy of the neighborhood. The time to party is now—schedule an estimate for a pool today, and don’t forget to add a poolside bar to your plans.

It’s fun for the whole family.

Your children are truly delightful—but they’ll become impatient and hot-tempered if you make them hang out at the house all summer. That is, unless you have a beautiful pool space for them to enjoy! Your kids can invite their friends over for pool parties, hang out in the sun, use the water slide, or cool off in the water on a hot day. Plus, a little physical activity can help your kids burn off their nearly limitless supply of energy so they’re (hopefully) a bit more relaxed by the time the day is done.

But it’s not just for the kids—pools are a quality way to spend quality time with your entire family. Nothing is more fun than splashing your own kids, and we’ll be the first to say that the feeling is reciprocated. Family time is important—the more time to spend at the pool, the less time you’ll spend in front of the television. Now that’s family time done right.

It’s relaxing.

Some of us just aren’t the partying types—the fewer people, the better. We like to relax and soak up the sun, but why would we deal with traffic on the way to the beach only to be greeted by seagulls, screaming children, and shoe thieves. Plus, many beaches in California are constantly jam-packed—which means carving out a towel-sized area to hang out can be difficult at any hour of the day.

This wouldn’t be a problem if you had a custom pool in your backyard. With a spacious deck area, plenty of water to swim in, and your own private hot tub, you’ll be able to enjoy cool water and warm sun without leaving the comfort of your home. Put some cucumbers on your eyes, pour the tallest Arnold Palmer in the history of the world, and work out some of those tans lines—it’s your yard and your pool space, after all.

It increases your home’s value.

Having a custom pool installed might not be the best idea for folks in Wyoming—with winter lasting at least six months out of the year, they wouldn’t get much time to enjoy their pool space! But we’re not in the Cowboy State—we’re in sunny California! Every day is a pool day in Simi Valley, which means a custom pool is certainly worth the investment.

Custom pools aren’t just a great investment for you and your family—they’re enticing for families looking for a new home. If you end up putting your home on the market, don’t you want it to stand out from the crowd? Don’t you want people to envision themselves sitting poolside, enjoying that Cali sunset and taking an occasional swim out to the view at the end of the infinity pool? Don’t you want them to imagine themselves sipping on a virgin daiquiri in the hot tub?

A custom pool isn’t just a place for swimming, entertaining, and relaxing—it can transform the entire look of your yard and home and make online listing photos for your home look amazing. That could be more than enough to pay for your pool and then some.

It looks amazing!

Remember all of those mornings when you woke up, poured yourself a cup of coffee, and looked out at your backyard? Were you happy with what you saw? Were you even marginally satisfied? If you have an old, crabgrass-infested backyard that you never use, it’s time for a change. You deserve a yard that you can use and enjoy all year long—something you’re proud of.

That’s where Swink’s Creations can help. Our pool design experts can help you create an outdoor space that fits your style, your needs, and your budget, so you can sit back and relax, have a great pool party, get (and stay) fit, and enjoy that California sunshine for years to come. Schedule an estimate with Swink’s Creations today.