Landscaping Simi Valley


Simi Valley landscaping companies love to incorporate plants and trees that are natural to the Southern California area, or have an easy time adapting to the endless sunshine and consistently warm temperatures. Because native and adaptable plants are as much of a mainstay in SoCal as Instagramming millennials on beaches, you’ll probably see them whether you’re in your backyard or cruising down the 116 on your way to the city.

In this blog, the Swink’s Creations team will reflect on some of our favorite plants in the greater Los Angeles area, and plant some knowledge in your brain about these common trees, flowers, and shrubs. The more plants you know, the more you’ll appreciate the beautiful landscapes around you!

Palm Trees

Palm trees will always be a symbol of California and the laid-back West Coast lifestyle—but not all palm trees are one and the same. While the Mexican Fan Palm is the picturesque palm tree you see in movies and by the beach, there are also plenty of other beautiful palm tree varieties such as the Piru Queen Palm, King Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Pineapple Palm, and the Bismarck Palm, to name a few. Palm trees come in all shapes and sizes, and are low-maintenance trees that, if chosen carefully, can add shade, greenery, and a bit of classic Cali style to your property.

Birds of Paradise

Also known as “Crane Flowers” in some circles, Birds of Paradise are the official flower of Los Angeles. Some people confuse the leaves of this plant for banana leaves, and for good reason—this plant is in the same family as the banana plant, although it unfortunately doesn’t bear any fruit. With stunning orange buds, these Los Angeles favorites are hard to miss—you can catch them near the beach, in the downtown area, near the airport, or in just about everyone’s backyard. Just don’t be surprised if these flowers have a few hummingbirds buzzing around them.

Loquat Trees

Loquat trees are EVERYWHERE in Southern California. They’re so common, in fact, that most people have them in their yards and neighborhoods and don’t even know it! It’s true—loquat trees bear the loquat, a tiny citrus fruit that has been quite a delicacy in the area. It’s used for just about every culinary application under the sun, from jams, dressings, cocktails, salsas, and even pies. If you’re a local, it doesn’t hurt to have one of these low-maintenance, high-yield trees in your yard. But if you’re a visitor to the area, a loquat-something should be near the top of your foodie “must try” list.

Ask Swink’s Creations About Local Plants

The Simi Valley landscaping team at Swink’s Creations loves to use native plants and other local favorites in our landscape designs because they look great and don’t take much effort to manage—and we’d love to add these plants to your yard, too! Ask our team about our selection of Los Angeles foliage favorites, and schedule and estimate today!