In our previous two blog posts, the Simi Valley landscaping team discussed the benefits of hardscaping and xeriscaping—two increasingly popular styles of landscaping that have plenty of financial, environmental, and practical benefits. We could go on for days about how some fresh xeriscaping or hardscaping can transform your home!

However, nothing beats some good old traditional landscaping. In this blog, Swink’s Creations will discuss the benefits of landscaping in your California yard, and why the traditional yard route is still a good one.

Nothing is better than a great lawn.

California weather is near-perfect nearly all the time—and there’s no better place to enjoy the weather than on the lush, green lawn in your backyard. You can lounge around, watch clouds, enjoy a cold beverage, or play around with your kids or dogs. Throw a football around or set up a soccer net if you like! If the American Dream is a house with a white picket fence, what is the fence surrounding? That’s right, it’s your luscious lawn.

But lawns aren’t just a great addition to your laid-back lifestyle—they can lower the temperature of your property by up to 15 degrees when compared to concrete, asphalt, or wood decks, and they’ll naturally absorb pollutants and excess precipitation in your area. Did we mention you can walk around in your bare feet?

Traditional landscapes enhance the urban experience.

Los Angeles is an excellent example of a concrete jungle. No matter which way you turn, there will be more buildings, sun-scorched parking lots, and a lack of botanical life, unless you count the occasional palm tree. If you want to enjoy a lush and beautiful outdoor space, you’ll need to visit a local park or botanical garden—or you can create a natural oasis in your own yard.

For those of us who spend long hours in an office building, creating a plant-filled natural space at home is the only way we’ll have enough time to get outside. There’s nothing like getting home from the office, heading outside, and enjoying a bite to eat or a dip in the hot tub while the sun goes down. This allows us to have the best of both worlds in Los Angeles—access to some of the greatest urban wonders in existence, as well as a nice natural space to come home to when we grow tired of the hustle and bustle. For people who care about nature, having a traditional landscape is a great way to enjoy the urban experience and have plenty of balance between the urban and the natural world.

Great landscaping adds value to your home.

If you love great landscaping, there’s a chance potential homebuyers love it, too—so if you’re looking to sell your home, traditional landscaping is a safe option. Some people just don’t like the look of functionality of hardscaping or xeriscaping—they’d rather have a patch of nature they can tend to. (Yes, some of us actually love doing yard work.) This is why traditional landscaping is the best choice for a speedy and lucrative home sale—it attracts the largest number of potential homebuyers, and if done right, it can pique their interest and get them to raise their asking price just a little bit higher. Once you finally close and sell your home, that’ll leave you with a much larger chunk of change in your pocket.

Simi Valley Landscaping with Swink’s Creations

If you’re looking for some xeriscaping or hardscaping, the team at Swink’s creations can help—but if there’s something we love, it’s putting together a good old traditional landscape for you and your family to enjoy. Opt for traditional elements in your landscape, dare to dream of a more sustainable hardscape or xeriscape, or combine elements of all three for something truly unique! They’re all Swink’s Creations. Get started with us today!