Landscaping in general includes a variety of elements — trees, flowers, shrubs, color, size, spread, climate, and many more. When you’re looking into hardscaping your Simi Valley yard, there’s still certain things that you need to consider, like hardscaping materials. Many may think that hardscaping is just laying down a lot of concrete and maybe leaving some space for a few shrubs here and there. But hardscaping can include a range of materials that will look great in your yard. Keep reading and get in touch with Swink’s Creations to create a beautiful backyard you’ll enjoy, utilizing a variety of materials.

Landscaping Simi Valley


This classic material is great for a pathway, wall, or even a water feature when built correctly. And don’t think you’re stuck with the same red color that people imagine. Some brick comes in shades of gray, brick can have designs within the shape, and used brick is even becoming a popular trend. This landscaping material is popular, and environmentally friendly.

Composite Decking

There are a variety of benefits of using composite decking (a material that isn’t real wood or aluminum). Composite is durable, won’t splinter, it’s insect repellent, and resists mold and rotting, not that we have to worry about mold too much in Simi Valley. Even better, this material is easy on the budget.


One of the more typical hardscape materials, concrete also has a lot of versatility to it. For some added color, it can be stained, add a unique design by stamping it, or you can increase the texture of your landscape by embedding pebbles or sea glass into it.

Loose Materials

Swinky’s Creations has a team of creative and innovative staff who love developing beautiful yards. And this includes using pea gravel, river rock, rubber mulch, or even recycled glass. They may be smaller pieces, but with the right vision and the best installation team, you’ll never want to go inside.

Landscaping Simi ValleyPavers

Another classic landscaping or hardscaping material, pavers can be made with a variety of materials including concrete, brick, or flagstone. These are great for creating a patterned patio, or a pathway through your garden. It’s best to have these installed by a professional landscaping company who will ensure that they are level and won’t shift around.


Natural stone gives a very sophisticated look to any backyard. Stone can also create a variety of looks, depending on which type of stone is used and how they are cut and placed in the yard. Flagstone is a common choice and can give your yard a rustic look.


This hardscaping material provides an opportunity for placing beautiful details throughout the landscaping design. If you want to build a tile patio, just note that glazed tile can be slippery when wet. Be sure to also discuss which tiles are best for the Simi Valley climate, as tile is rated for certain zones.

Landscaping Simi ValleyWood

Often overlooked when it comes to hardscaping, wood is still a beautiful and functional material for any landscape. Wood is great for decking, furniture, or larger structures. Ask Swinky’s Creation about which wood type is best and for some advice on which stain will look best with your design plan.

Designing a hardscaped landscape can be fun and exciting when considering the various materials to choose from. Just be sure you have a trusted team on your side to go through the many options, benefits, negatives, and features of each material.

Swinky’s Creations has years of experience and the knowledge to develop a strategy you and your family will love. We are passionate about using materials that are best suited for the Simi Valley climate and we want to work with you to design a yard that you will love for years. Get in touch with us today to get started.