You love your home–it’s been the literal roof over your head for years, and it’s a place where you can relax, enjoy the company of your favorite people, and get a good night of sleep. But is your home working as well for you now as it did 23 years ago when you bought it?

If you look around your old house for a moment, you might notice that things aren’t in as good of shape as they used to be. Things that aren’t supposed to break are breaking, and things that have never peeled before are peeling. Even your trusty refrigerator is showing signs of age, coughing, sputtering, and rumbling at such a loud volume that you can hardly hear the newest episode of Big Bang Theory on your age-old television. When this happens, it’s time to update your television–and your home.

In this blog, the Simi Valley home remodeling team at Swink’s Creations will take a look at some signs that it’s time to remodel your home. At a certain point in your life, there’s a time where you must say goodbye to the old and hello to the new–no matter how great the old might have been.

Your kitchen has the same wallpaper as That ‘70s Show.

We all loved the crotchety Red Foreman, and Red Foreman certainly loved his crotchety kitchen. But that kitchen was built in a Los Angeles-area studio during the show’s filming–and your kitchen, well, it’s a little more authentic than that. That ‘70s wallpaper and linoleum flooring looked great back in the day–it held up through most of the ‘80s and even came back in style in the mid-’90s. Unfortunately, 1977 was 40 years ago (seriously) and that means your kitchen has dealt with at least 40 years of spills, stains, scratches, and moments where your wife says “Holy crap, Dale, there’s something growing in the pantry.”

If your kitchen is older than your kids are, it’s time for an update. Don’t new granite countertops sound nice? How about modern cherry cabinets? Maybe it’s a wine fridge you desire, or a double-decker oven for all of those Thanksgiving dinners. Whatever the case, your kitchen should be something you love, no matter what decade you’re in–so call up the team at Swink’s Creations for a kitchen remodel you’ll be proud of.

Your bathroom is like those SAW movies.

Nothing’s worse than a bathroom with bad lighting and mysterious stains growing on the ceiling–so what’s the difference between your bathroom and the bathrooms in the scary movies? Your bathroom was a thing of beauty when The Shining came out–but you haven’t cleaned your bathtub since then and it’s 2017 at the time of writing this blog. YIKES.

For sake of proper plumbing and cleanliness, bathrooms need to be updated more often than other rooms in the house–so if your bathroom looks more spooky than spa-like, you need a bathroom remodel. Maybe a spacious tiled shower would be an excellent replacement for your nasty tub, or maybe a custom vanity would be a better solution for all of your hair products than that flimsy IKEA shelf you hung above the toilet. Whatever the case, call the Simi Valley bathroom remodeling professionals at Swink’s Creations.

Your master suite is not-so-suite.

Remember the luxurious bedrooms in Gone With The Wind or Moulin Rouge? With elegant artwork, plenty of space, and the largest and most comfortable beds you can imagine, these Hollywood bedrooms make you wish you could spend your evenings sleeping right on the movie set. Fortunately, you don’t have to–all you need a an A-list master suite renovation. Your master bedroom deserves to be more than an old bed and a pile of laundry– it should have the walk-in closet of a 1999 Jennifer Aniston, the library/reading room of a 1988 Michael Caine, and the king-size bed of a 2015 Benedict Cumberbatch. Heck, make it a California King because “When in Rome,” right?

You spend about one-third of your life sleeping, which means you spend about one-third of your life in your master bedroom. Don’t you want all that time to be spent in a place you love?

When you’re ready for a master suite addition or any other home renovation, you know who to call: the home remodel team at Swink’s Creations. We do remodels and renovations for any space of the home, including the backyard–so when you’re all out of rooms to have renovated and you’re ready for a pool with a waterslide (yeah, we can do that), Swink’s can help. Get started with Swink’s Creations today!