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BBQs, Fireplaces, and Firepits

When we think of our backyard, we may think of grass, a patio, and a pool, but more often, we think of the feelings we get when family and friends are enjoying themselves around a fireplace or firepit and eating delicious, tasty food. The memories created in these moments are the kind you place in a frame in your home to remember forever. But how can you create these memories of family and friends without a backyard that can facilitate activities and gatherings for you to capture?

Swink’s Creations is Simi Valley’s trusted home redmodeling company. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve been assisting homeowners in the area transform their backyards from plain patches of grass into customized paradises they can be proud to use for events and gatherings. We accomplish this for our customers by offering home remodeling and landscaping services that our competitors cannot match.

Why Home Remodeling Matters

When it comes to home remodeling, many homeowners think of interior home work like the kitchen, a bathroom, or the master bedroom. At Swink’s Creations, we provide homeowners with outdoor living designs, renovation, remodeling, and more. A common hurdle for homeowners is the cost of a backyard redesign and remodel, but the benefits heavily outweigh the investment into your home and family’s future. Not only will you add to the overall aesthetic of your home, but you will find yourself spending more time creating memories and capturing moments of joy.

Benefits of Exterior Home Remodeling

The benefits of exterior home remodeling do vary between homes, but the overall advantages to upgrading your home are substantial. In most cases, homeowners are too close to their homes to see how remodeling their backyard can add any value to their lives. At Swink Creations, we want to show you the benefits of a backyard redesign and remodel.

Creates A Space To Create Memories

In Simi Valley, we enjoy sunshine nearly year round. We all love to get outside, but what if we don’t have time to go to the mountains, the beach, or somewhere in between? Our backyard is the closest alternative to the “outdoors.” Furthermore, what if you want to get outdoors, but don’t want to be around other people? What if the opposite is true, and you want to spend time with those you care about the most? An outdoor living space that includes elements like a BBQ, fireplace, firepit, and a pool create a space to tell stories, interact with one another, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Adds Value To Your Home

Similar to a kitchen remodel, a backyard redesign and remodel adds value to your home. If you decide to sell your home, the curb appeal makes the first impression, and the backyard will make a lasting impression. In most cases, homebuyers look at the backyard as a space for potential, but if the space is already upgraded, it’s one less item on their to-do list, which reduces friction in the buying process.

On the other hand, you will find that a backyard ready to be used will be used more often. Your outdoor living space will be an oasis for you, your family, and friends when you invite them over. When’s the last time you spent quality time with those you loved while outdoors? Upgrading your backyard fosters more meaningful interactions while enjoying the Simi Valley sunshine.

Improves Your Health

As much as we want to trust our indoor air filters, the fresh, outdoor air is almost always better. A backyard and outdoor living space ready to host you, your friends, and/or your family inherently makes you a healthier person. A study performed at Harvard showed that the one secret to life happiness is the condition of our relationships with others. An outdoor living space like your backyard, when remodeled, offers you to interact with more of those you love. Thus, it improves your mental and emotional health.

In most cases, the more time we spend outdoors, the more physically fit we become. It’s an indirect correlation, but it’s certainly one to take into account. So if you’re looking to watch your weight or simply spend more time in the Simi Valley sunshine on a regular basis, a backyard redesign and remodel is a beneficial addition to your home.

Saves Money

Once you redesign and remodel your backyard, you will spend more time at home, hosting events, and enjoying your oasis. This translates into less money spent going out each week for food, beverages, and events. On average, Americans spend more money on takeout than they do on groceries each week. A backyard that entices you stay home, enjoy the outdoors, and eat home-cooked meals is a money saver.

Backyard Elements To Consider

The benefits to a backyard remodel should look obvious by now, but the elements of your outdoor living space are important to consider, also. It can be tough to decide which type of elements to add or upgrade in your backyard without the professional touch of a Swink’s Creations designer. Our experts will help you determine how you want to use your backyard, which elements will fulfill those needs, and when we can complete the project for you. You want your backyard paradise to be absolutely perfect, and we can help you achieve that goal.

BBQs And Grills

Want to cook a meal that impresses cooks at the five-star restaurants in Simi Valley and beyond? Are you the chef in your circle of friends and family that everyone trusts with their delicate taste buds? Don’t let them down and add a BBQ or grill to your backyard oasis. This will encourage gatherings to enjoy your delectable meals. Furthermore, it will encourage conversations and interactions the ones you love the most.

At Swink’s Creations, we provide homeowners with a comprehensive design package for BBQs and grills that’s unmatched in the industry. Our experts work with you to determine which type of cooking element you need to impress your friends and family. There’s no greater feeling than preparing a meal for a group of those you care for most and watching them enjoy it.

Fire Pits

For millennia, fires have been the centerpiece to conversations, stories, and meaningful moments between friends and family. A flame would be lit and those that mattered most would gather near the fire, sharing their memories, ideas, fears, and aspirations. A connection would be made, and the relationships would deepen. Here and now, firepits are the modern centerpieces to the same type of interaction, and you can have it in your backyard.

Swink’s Creations offers homeowners with custom firepit design to fit into your overall backyard layout. As a major centerpiece feature to any outdoor living space, a firepit is a great way to foster conversations and build relationships. Want to spend an evening alone outside? You can do that too with one of our custom designed fire pits.


What do you think of when you imagine sitting next to a roaring fireplace? Most imagine a warm beverage, a comfortable blanket, and a significant other. The intimacy that a fireplace brings to a backyard can be intoxicating. Whether you’re enjoying a wondrous Simi Valley sunset with your partner or with a group of friends, a fireplace is a great way to set the mood. What’s more, a fireplace offers heat on chilly nights, so you and those you care about can enjoy the outdoors late into the evening, no matter the season.

At Swink’s Creations, we take pride in delivering the best custom fireplaces in the area to our fellow homeowners. Whether you want a full stack integrated into a backyard patio as one of many features, or a solo fireplace that simply sets the mood, we are here to help.

Why Hardscape Your Backyard

Once you decide to create a welcoming outdoor space, it’s important to carefully plan your hardscaping features to complement your BBQ, grill, fire pit, fireplace, and more. Features like pathways, retaining walls, patios, and more all play a role in tying your backyard space together. Most homeowners think that landscaping is the next step to designing the perfect outdoor living space. At Swink’s Creation’s, we prefer to do landscaping last to accent the outdoor elements, features, and hardscaping. A hardscaped backyard allows for access and further non-living aesthetic additions to bring the space together.

Hardscape Features

The landscaping features of your backyard can be divided into two types: softscaping and hardscaping. Softscaping tends to involve the living features like plants, trees, sod, and more. The hardscaping features, however, include the non-living elements that give your backyard structure and direction.  

Here are some common hardscape features to consider for your backyard oasis:

  • Patio
  • Pathways/Walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Fences
  • Gazebo/Pergola

Determine A Focal Point

Once you identify all the entry points of your backyard, consider developing a focal point. Where will the primary gathering area be in your backyard? Will it be on a patio near the back door of your home? Will it be away from your home somewhere in the yard, surrounding a fire pit or fireplace? There are two reasons for a focal point. First, when you or someone else encounters your backyard paradise you want the hardscaping to guide the eye toward your determined focal point. Second, you want the path to lead the person to the primary area of engagement.

Design A Patio

Where you will spend most of your time in the backyard is at the focal point all of your hardscaped paths will lead to. This can be a patio, a designated area in the yard, or a collection of set pavers. For most homeowners, they prefer to design and install a patio. Choosing materials for this backyard project will be based on the style you’ve determined with a Swink’s Creations design expert. You can choose from concrete, flagstone, bricks, tile, and more. Once you’ve decided on the style, size, and location of your patio, you can then begin to arrange your features like the BBQ, grill, fire pit, and fireplace. Also, you can then determine the layout of your access paths.

Install Your Access Pathways

As you begin to imagine and design your backyard oasis, consider how you will access it. Will the only access be through the back door of your home? Will you be able to access it through your side yard? Do you have a backyard gate into an alleyway or out to a jogging path? Consider all entry points and how you can add in pavers, stone paths, or packed gravel to allow access. Depending on your chosen style, it’s best to tie your entire space together with a major theme. Some homeowners choose tropical. Others decide they want a modern outdoor living space. Your imagination is your limit when you work with Swink’s Creations.

Why Trust A Professional With Your Backyard

While designing the perfect backyard oasis can be accomplished on your own, it’s never a bad idea to consult a professional home remodeler in Simi Valley at Swink’s Creations. You will find that our experts are readily available to help you design the perfect paradise you can spend time alone, with your partner, or with family and friends on a regular basis, whether that be around the fireplace or fire pit, or at the dinner table with food prepared on the outdoor grill or BBQ. When you choose to work with a professional, you get results faster, spend less time, and save more money.





It’s common for homeowners to believe that hiring a general contractor to take care of their backyard remodel, hardscaping, and landscaping will cost them more. In fact, a professional will save you money. When you choose to work with Swink’s Creations in Simi Valley, we offer comprehensive outdoor living space packages that allow you to work with one contractor throughout the entire process. How does this save you money? First, you don’t waste money purchasing more material than you need or replacing material you install incorrectly. The experts at Swink’s purchase and install your backyard elements, features, and materials the first time.

“Having Swink’s Creations handle my project was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! They dress professionally, they clean up after themselves, they work hard, they’re nice, and overall, they’re just great guys to be around. The best part of it is that they leave everything very clean and organized when they go home for the day. The system that they have created for themselves is really top of its class. I would definitely refer them to my friends.”

-George Taggart


You may have the DIY spirit, and we encourage homeowners to get their hands dirty. However, consider the time investment it’s going to take to transform your backyard from a large patch of grass into a paradise with features like a patio, pergola, BBQ, fireplace, fire pit, pathways, landscaping, hardscaping, and more. Granted, we believe you can do it yourself, but we’re also positive we can do it faster. This leads to you using your beautiful backyard sooner, and allows you to spend your saved time with those you love the most.

Final Results

Working with a professional contractor in Simi Valley to complete your outdoor living space is the way to go. You save time, spend less money, and get the magnificent results you imagined. At Swink’s Creations, we work with you from concept to completion, so you don’t have to work with anyone else. Our comprehensive outdoor living space packages make it so you can call us, get a quote, and begin transforming your backyard into a welcoming space you can enjoy for years to come.